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Farmers: find out how to get 25% off solar PV from the government

The government is offering a grant to farmers and horticulturalists in England that could save you up to £100,000 off a new solar PV system. 

If you’ve been considering solar PV for your farm, this could be the perfect opportunity to take the next step.

Stage 1 of the application process closes on Thursday 21 March - the good news is it’s fairly simple to complete. 

Just visit the government website to find out more and start your application. 

You don’t need a quote for solar PV to complete this step, but if you want a clearer idea of your system beforehand we’d be happy to help. 

A few pointers to consider:

  • The total cost of the system must be £60,000 or more

  • You must be able to fund the remaining 75% of the cost not covered by the grant

  • Systems must be installed on farm building roofs or irrigation reservoirs (no ground-mounted systems)

If this sounds like you, get in touch with us here to discuss your needs and we’ll get your project rolling. 

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